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GVH is Social Enterprise building quality low cost housing for worlds poorest families


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Every person deserves a place to call home.

Global Village Housing's is a Social enterprise to provide homes to impoverished people without the means to do so themselves through collaborations with charity organizations, government organizations and private donors and sponsors. Living conditions in Cambodia for the impoverished are some of the worst in the world; unsafe, unsanitary, and unsure. Not only are the housing conditions almost unlivable but people are often evicted from their homes due to government seizures, building projects and simply not being able to afford the land they are squatting on. Global Village Housing was started with the specific purpose of supporting organizations in their efforts to help the poor by providing low cost housing options for the displaced people in tandem with the organizations' other support efforts.

Global Village Housing also provides local employment and training to Cambodian Mums & Dads  GVH runs 6-12 month courses teaching locals trade skills to enable them to gain  employment in the building industry.
Everyone deserves a place to call home and Global Village Housing is committed to doing just that, helping to provide impoverished people with a safe secure place to call their own.
With all of our homes, not only can you sponsor a home for a family but we welcome you and encourage you to come over and meet a family in need of a home and take part in the building and installation. This in itself is a huge, life changing experience. Sponsoring and taking part in the building is a chance to make a real difference. well suited for anyone that wants to travel and see the real people, culture and countryside. This experience is also great for team building among friends, families and work mates. Every GVH HOME comes with a unique code chassis number and GPS location.  SEE YOUR HOUSE ON Google Earth .

Pictured" GVH Team along side World Housing on their first home gifting launch in Cambodia Nov 2013

Jason Thatcher is  Founder & Designer @ GLOBAL VILLAGE HOUSING .  Building Quality Low Cost Housing, Robust, Relocatable, Insulated Solar Lighting,  Jason is an Australian with over 8 years experience as a self-funded volunteer working with the poorest of the poor in Cambodia & Vietnam .

Jason Volunteered 4.5 years 2008-2012  with the Cambodian Children's Fund as Project Manager for the Design and Development of CCF Community Center , CCF5 Medical Clinic , Dental Clinic , Satellite Schools , Rural Farming Projects. these successful projects have seen CCF take international praise for its development & vision providing life changing care and education to some of Cambodia's poorest children and families.
CCF  now provides care and education for over 1800 children, many of whom previously lived on Cambodia's largest garbage dump. Jason's  experience working CCF and other Charity Based NGO's and along side poor families seeing their needs first hand, really drove Jason's vision to concept for an inexpensive safe housing option for the POOR

Jason's  "on the ground the work" provided valuable information.  As to the practical needs in Home Design " BUILDING A PLACE CALLED HOME" . Overall many NGO's are doing great work. however many seem to have their own agenda's which is mainly targeting the removal of children from their poor families and into shelters while collecting large amounts of funding from sponsors. sadly the family become disconnected from their children while the parents still live in sheer poverty . its like a modern day Stolen Generation


Global Village Housing HOMES are designed by its founder Jason Thatcher . Key features of these unique homes . Quality construction .  Relocatable Design " Flatpack Delivery System"  . Strong Galvanised Steel Frames,  Colour Bond Cladding . Fully Insulated, (GVH rice hull batts ) , Crossflow Cooling Ventilated Design System ,
Solar Lighting System with Phone Charger, Rain Water Collection System and Storage.  Functional Design Features , Locking Widows and Door, Vermin and Flood Proof .

The vital part of GVH SUCCESS is the TEAM.. with special thanks ...   Chouheng Ly , Srey Norng , Patrick Mckinlay , Meng Ly , Daniel Pacheo , Jay Thatcher , Trang Vu , Noun Nuch , Mang Chan . for their hand-work and dedication that makes GVH a true game changer
We are currently looking for like minded people and companies to join us on our quest in building lots more homes if you like to no more about the Global Village Housing Social Enterprise email info@globalvillagehousing.com

GVH Homes have been successfully tested in the field for the past 5 years .   GVH started production and delivery of Homes in Oct 2013 .

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Global Village housing sends out a special THANKS ! to Jacky Lee who kindly created this great video clip while working in the field for Global Giving www.globalgiving.org

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Contact Information:

Contact Information:

+61 3 9005 5632

Posted November 22, 2014 5:17pm
Thinking outside of the box can turn situations around .. Social Enterprising @ Global Village Housing .. Social Good your business . Join us on our home building and gifting quest Want to no more www.globalvillagehousing.com
Posted November 22, 2014 5:00pm
Forget the rain & mud Bega High School have a job in hand .. Home Building & Gifting www.globalvillagehousing.com
Posted November 20, 2014 4:11am
Nothing is better than to have a place called home www.globalvillagehousing.com
Posted November 19, 2014 10:33am
Who we are is simple We are a group of like minded friends getting things done on a grassroots level Our success is seeing families in a place they can call home .
Posted November 19, 2014 9:45am
To one of our truly amazing friends Rudi Smith. Who volunteers his time in Cambodia as a field medic ... Giving his time is truly grassroots . Cheers from us all @ GVH www.globalvillagehousing.com
Posted November 18, 2014 7:54am
Our homes are popping up everywhere !! Thanks to you our home sponsors gifting for families living in the most remote parts of Cambodia www.globalvillagehousing.com
Posted November 18, 2014 5:29am
Geraldine in well deserved lime light from her years of work in Cambodia with Sunrise







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