Many of the remote villages we work in are in extreme poverty and have never received any help from a charity or NGO. Although Global Village Housing specialises in home building and gifting, we also see opportunities from our experiences in the communities for other ways to help. 

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From $400 USD

A well designed toilet from our partner Cambodia Clean Water & Toilet Project that offers a comfort that many of us take for granted. 

Small Business

$250 USD

Bring opportunity to families with the sponsorship of a small business start up.


$75 USD

Help families with transport - a simple bike can be the reason a child can attend school or a parent can work or start a small business. 

Rice Pack

$30 USD

Help feed a family for up to a month with a bag of rice, sauces and oil.

Clean Water Well

From $300 USD

Many families have no access to clean water, resulting in them constantly becoming ill. Change their future for the better with a clean water well.

Staff Sponsor

$1000 USD

Assist Global Village Housing by supporting a team member with a sponsorship towards upskilling and

fair wages. 


$20 USD

$20 helps buy shoes for a family. 

A Home

$2350 USD

Build and gift a home for a family.

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AUST: +61 401 917 270 

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