Everyone deserves a place to call home. Global Village Housing is a social enterprise (non-political & non-religious) committed to making that right a reality.

Our mission is to help provide impoverished people with

a safe and secure place to call their own.

Living conditions in the remote villages of Cambodia are some of the worst in the world; unsafe, unsanitary and unsure.


Cambodians suffer extreme poverty, earning less than $2 a day,

if they are lucky enough to work.


Children can’t always go to school – and the cycle of poverty continues.


However, having a safe place to call home can help create a better future.


Global Village Housing is a grass-roots, passionate and dedicated organisation working hard to make the right changes in Cambodia.


Global Village Housing was founded in 2009 by Jason Thatcher, a man from Melbourne on a mission to make the right changes in Cambodia.


Jason had travelled around parts of South East Asia and worked closely with many not-for-profit organisations throughout Cambodia.  He had seen the extreme poverty in the remote villages and knew that having a safe place to call home was the first step to help break the poverty cycle. 


Photo by Richard Lyons, Kandal
  • Global Village Housing managers the entire process for every home to be built and gifted.

  • From our small, dedicated team finding the families most in need; to our local, skilled builders creating homes in our factory.

  • We organise delivery on site and the construction of each home. 

  • Finally, the contract signing and the handover to the family. 


Global Village Housing is made up of a small, dedicated and passionate team;

including Monk Chhun who plays a key role in selecting the families.

We have a small building team and factory in Phnom Penh that we work with to employ and upskill a local team. 

We also work with other volunteers who assist with project management, IT, communications, media and more. 

Jason Thatcher

Founder & Designer (Volunteer)

Chouheng Ly

In Country Manager

Chhun Bann

Monk and Community Liaison

Samantha Townend

Operations Manager (Volunteer)

Khut Khoeun

Chief Builder

Rouen Ratha


Mom Samorn



Friends of Singapore


Want to get involved? Contact us!


AUST: +61 401 917 270


AUST: +61 401 917 270 

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By Samantha Townend

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