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Join our quest to help those most in need,

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sponsor a home.  make a donation. become a regular sponsor . 

   soical good your business.

Global Village Housing is a registered charity (NGO) in Cambodia and can receive payments via a bank transfer or online using our DONATE button through our Australian partner Rotary Club of Brighton. For international payments from the United Kingdom and the United States of America we have partner charities who can accept payments and offer tax-deductible receipts. Please contact founder Jason Thatcher for more information. 



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A Home

$2500 USD

Gift a home for a family in desperate need.  everyone needs a safe secure place called home.

This clever well constructed home is transforming lives across Cambodia. 


From $430 USD

A well designed toilet & washroom offers comfort & privacy that many of us take for granted. 

$110 USD

A simple bike can be the reason a child can attend school or a parent can work or start a small business.

Small Business

$250 USD

Bring opportunity to families with the sponsorship of a small business start up.

Staff Sponsor

$1000 USD

Assist Global Village Housing by supporting a team member with a sponsorship towards upskilling and

fair wages. 

GVH_Three _Houses.JPG
Get involved and help build a better future! 
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