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Sponsor a home for a family in desperate need.

Come visit Cambodia to build and gift a home.

Fundraise or donate.

Get your workplace involved.

Or tell the rest of the globe about our project!




Global Village Housing is a registered charity (NGO) in Cambodia and can receive payments via a bank transfer or online using our DONATE button through our Australian partner Rotary Club of Brighton. For international payments from the United Kingdom and the United States of America we have partner charities who can accept payments and offer tax-deductible receipts. Please contact us on for more information. 





While Global Village Housing greatly appreciates all forms of support, we strongly encourage donors to travel to Cambodia and experience first-hand a beautiful culture and people who have survived in spite of a tragic history, while learning how easy it is to help your fellow man. You may be inspired to spread the word so others can share in the feelings of helping some of the poorest and most appreciative people in the world.


To keep costs to a minimum, so we can help more families in need, all travel expenses are the responsibility of the contributing party. We will help with any lodging and booking information as well as tips on what to see and do around town. This is not just a building experience, it's an experience to make a personal connection with the family you are helping. 


Our English speaking team in Cambodia are very knowledgeable and will ensure your experience is the best it can be.


Please note we only allow direct sponsors or partners to work in small groups with our families and communities. Global Village Housing does not support orphanages or show-and-tell tourism. Our goal is to keep families together and support them as a whole. We work with the village leaders to ensure all respect and care is given to the families and communities. 





As Global Village Housing is a social enterprise and employs locally in Cambodia, we have limited volunteer opportunities, however, we are open to any ideas or assistance you might be able to offer. 



Global Village Housing staff and volunteers must ensure everyone, especially young children and vulnerable adults, are kept safe from harm through:

- culturally appropriate behaviour at all times

- observing all rules that protect children, young people and vulnerable adults

- following all procedures for suspicion, disclosure or allegations of child abuse

- avoiding inappropriate relationships with children, young people and vulnerable adults

- treating everyone with dignity and respect

- respecting the right to privacy of a child, young person or vulnerable adult

- ensuring photos and stories of Cambodian families are used with permission where possible, not sensationalised, and respect their privacy

- All personal information will be kept in a secure location.


To see our full child protection policy click here. 



From $430 USD

A well designed toilet offers a comfort that many of us take for granted. 


$100 USD

Help families with transport - a simple bike can be the reason a child can attend school or a parent can work or start a small business. 

Rice Pack

$30 USD

Help feed a family for up to a month with a bag of rice, sauces and oil.

Clean Water Well

From $350 USD

Many families have no access to clean water resulting in them constaintly becoming ill. Change their future for the better with a clean water well.

Small Business

$250 USD

Bring opportunity to families with the sponsorship of a small business start up.

Staff Sponsor

$1000 USD

Assist Global Village Housing by supporting a team member with a sponsorship towards upskilling and

fair wages. 


$20 USD

$20 helps buy shoes for a family. 

A Home

$2500 USD

Build and gift a home for a family.

GVH_Three _Houses.JPG
Get involved and help build a better future! 
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