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The Sewing Sisters Project with The Kindness Collective and Bega High School. 


For Mao and Seoun, life has always been a struggle. These two sisters lived on less than $1 a day each collecting snails. They also faced the challenge of not having a safe place to call home, no clean drinking water or access to basic medical care. 


Seoun cannot walk or stand up due to a medical condition that needs attention and Mao lost the lower part of her right leg to a land mine. 

But now their future is bright!  


Global Village Housing and The Kindness Collective built and gifted the sisters

a home and also set them up with a small sewing business.


Now Mao and Seoun, together with their sister Rey, who also lives in a house gifted

by Bega High School... are The Sewing Sisters. 


Global Village Housing and The Kindness Collective would like to thank everyone

for their support in helping change the lives of The Sewing Sisters.  


With special thanks to: Debbie Moutsatsos, Alison Trim, Denise Perry,

Bega High School, Lyn Petch, Kylie Pitcher and Mandi Tapp. 

In memory of Serena & Gwen.


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