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Our houses cater for the harsh Cambodian environment by using galvanised steel, which is light, strong and long lasting. We also support the local economy by sourcing local materials and employing locals. 


We use natural bamboo flooring and wall panels of woven palm fronds. These materials are extremely sturdy and able to withstand the heat, rain and wind of the Cambodian climate. 




Each home comes with a small solar kit that allows a phone to be charged and powers the lighting system. Clean water is also provide via a downpipe from the guttering into a large water jar. 



Our houses are designed with both the families' and environment's needs in mind. Most families only have a small piece of land so the house needs to fit on it. 


Each house has a small ‘footprint’ and is designed to fit with local traditions and housing norms suitable for either town or country use. 


In appropriate weather conditions, the traditionally stilted design of the house maximises use of space by providing another covered ‘room’ at ground level. This is enhanced by the attachment of mosquito proof fabric ‘walls’ which drape each side of the house.

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