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Meet Houses4Cambodia


We are a group of Aussies that have been inspired by the incredible work of Global Village Housing (GVH) an Australian social enterprise that build and gifts houses and more recently schools to poverty stricken communities in rural Cambodia. GVH is proudly supported by Rotary Australia’s overseas programs.

Houses4Cambodia is a growing community of supporters and a platform to create awareness about the important work of GVH and to fundraise for their various initiatives.

Each of us has a different motivation for why we have been compelled to focus our time and energy on these initiatives. What we share is a vision to change the lives of as many children and families as by providing a ‘safe place to call home’ (houses) and a ‘safe place to learn and grow’ (schools).

Join us on our journey as we fundraise for 'The School Project' which will see a new school being built in Battambang and fitted with all the equipment and materials it will need to help local children thrive. Or support the Houses4Cambodia Kids project as they fundraise to buy bikes and school materials to the kids of the Tractor School village.



UPDATE: We have 85 new students at our Battambang school... read more below, but click here to support a school pack! 


Houses4Cambodia are a group from Australia who have been involved with Global Village Housing over the past couple of years. 


In early 2017 they set out with a goal to help renovate a rural school in Battambang. Not only was this project a big success, they were also able to help build and gift a home to a family in need.


Video and photos coming soon! 


You can follow their journey here!


Read their latest update here: 






The Houses4Cambodia Team are a group of Australian mothers who have taken on fundraising and other tasks to bring specific housing and school projects to fruition.


Their 2018 project is the rebuild of a rural school, called "The Tractor School", so remote it is only accessible by tractor. The existing school (pictured below) is sorely in need of redevelopment and doing so will drastically change the lives of both children and parents in the local community.


This is a big project. As such, Houses4Cambodia are collaborating with other businesses and charitable organisations to make this project happen. 


businesses and organisations to make this project come to fruition.
The project includes:
🔹2 brand new classrooms
🔹all furniture
🔹teaching supplies 
🔹student supplies
🔹a playground 
🔹water well 
🔹support for the teacher

We still need more $ to complete the project!
Please donate here




Dear Supporters,

The reality of having 85 new students at Battambang School has really set in. We have come a long way BUT now we have the wonderful problem of an overflowing school with children sitting on the floor, some standing and now classes taking place under trees just because they want to learn.
When we started this campaign in January 2017, there were only 60 students attending a little shack of a school in rural Cambodia. At that time, the only materials they had were a few posters on the wall gifted by Global Village Housing and a few bits of chalk. With no toilets or running water, children would walk great distances from home through mud and clay in bare feet with little to nothing to drink. There were no toilets, kids would simply relieve themselves amongst the bushes. Lack of facilities also limited the number of girls that could attend school during menstrual periods.  
Houses4Cambodia was established by a group of friends with a mission to raise funds to renovate this school, provide the teachers with teaching resources and equip every child with a new school uniform, backpack, shoes, hat and learning resources. We collaborated with many different communities across Sydney from corporate, school, work place and social groups to raise over $30,000 at the Global Village Housing fundraising dinner in May. With the generosity of people who attended and the many supporters who contributed to the campaign throughout the course of this year, we have made this NEW school a reality!
When Emma, Elisha, Alison and Pat travelled to Cambodia with Sam from GVH and Monk Chhun Bann in July/August, the school was thriving! By then enrolments had reached over 160 students and more than 200 packs were prepared and distributed with a nearby sister school receiving some of these resources. Classes were now being conducted in two sessions, and two classrooms. One group in the morning and a second in the afternoon to cope with the numbers.
It’s hot in Cambodia. The school now has a new roof with ventilation, new windows, newly refurbished timber (as timber is too valuable to throw out) and a whole new toilet block. The playground that was built and installed now is a central gathering place for students beyond school hours. Have you ever seen the joy on the face of a child when they have their first swing? We saw that!
Water – fresh, clean, running water! This water well is one of the greatest gifts we could have dreamed of providing this rural community. Water will benefit the students, teachers, families and the entire community.
So now we are faced with a new challenge.
With school thriving and facilities in place, the new school year started in October. With an additional 85 students enrolling for this year the school is overflowing. They are extremely stretched for resources and in desperate need for another classroom. IF these children are SO keen to learn, why should we not tip in a little to help them?
We need your help! 

PLEASE SHARE this email and our posts on Facebook to the family, friends and people you know might like to help. It’s a direct impact to the school with no admin costs as Global Village Housing is a social enterprise. TAX deductible donations – our goal is to raise funds for 100 more School Packs!



Read more about our journey (and photos)

Together we can achieve great things!

With thanks,
Houses4Cambodia & the Global Village Housing (GVH) Teams





"Welcome to the newly renovated Tuek Thlar Primary School! A project only made possible by your kindness.
A new roof with ventilation, restored walls, fresh paint and a new school sign were some of the finishing touches. Tonnes of new soil has filled the surrounding land to eradicate it of pot holes and there’s still work to be carried out to finish the fresh water well, but we are almost there.  
The children were quite overwhelmed to receive the School Packs. Old bags and even plastic bags were being replaced by new backpacks. But it wasn’t until they started arriving at school the next day wearing their uniforms with such pride, that we could see just how encouraging the change was.
Whilst visiting the families with Sam Townend (Global Village Housing Operations Manager) and Monk Chhun Bann, who grew up in Battambang it was evident just how well received their work is in these remote villages. Their relationships with local village chiefs and the way they approach situations is done with the utmost respect to cultural and environmental sensitivities. We put aside our western view and expectations and saw first-hand how our funding could be translated into empowering Cambodians to help other Cambodians.
We can’t thank you enough for the impact you have made.
Best wishes,
The teams at Houses4Cambodia and Global Village Housing (GVH)"


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