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The Shelter Difference.


"At Shelter we believe in the collective consciousness to do good, create positive change and help others to succeed.

In developing countries, organisations such as Global Village Housing strive to improve people’s wellbeing through their living circumstances, allowing them to rise out of poverty, raise their family safely and live life to their fullest potential.

Shelter seeks to empower this mission, maximizing the Global Village Housing program by donating much needed funds to pay for essential resources and labour to build homes for the homeless in Cambodia. Shelter is committed to the collective good of all Cambodians, so we are lending a hand to assist them in having the shelter they too deserve.

At Shelter we recognise our part in a positive partnership and we proactively donate a portion of the sales revenue from each of our real estate sales at no extra cost to our clients – for every home sold by Shelter we commit to providing housing for one person.

You can visit Global Village Housing to find out how your contributions are making a difference to the lives of Cambodians."

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