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The Tractor School is about to commence construction!

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

The countdown has begun as we are only weeks away from travelling back to Battambang where the Global Village Housing (GVH) team are building The School Project 2018 – The Tractor School.

It has been a more challenging and costly build but the GVH team have worked tirelessly for the past 9-months to get the project off the ground.

The Tractor school’s original building was deemed too unsafe, so a completely new structure was required. Add to this a year of Cambodian elections and with it being a State school, the team endured a more rigorous design approval process. Nevertheless, a new school building will be constructed in over the next three months for the most dedicated teacher who has been lobbying for GVH’s help for more than two years now!

WHAT DO WE AIM TO GIVE THE STUDENTS OF THE TRACTOR SCHOOL? This project consist of two brand new classrooms that will include all of the furniture – desks and chairs, teaching supplies, student supplies, a playground, fresh running water well, toilet (this has been built already) and support for the teacher.

WHAT WORKS HAVE STARTED? * Preparation is underway * Toilets are complete thanks to Hong Cambodia (supporter) * School books, shoes, bags and uniforms have been supplied to assist children while we prepare the build as so many did not even have a pair of shoes * Due to the government regulations we have guidelines to follow with design and layout

This years School Project is a collaboration of Australian GVH Corporate Sponsors, Changing Lives In Cambodia, Energize Health Club, Facade Management Australia, Vietnam Motorbike tours and Active Property Investing who with major GVH sponsors in SE Asia and the UK have generously donated the funds to deliver this life changing project.


1. Sponsor a School Pack $30 each tax deductible! You can ensure that a poverty stricken Cambodian child will have a school bag, hat, shoes, uniform and resources to kick-start their school year! Click on the donate button via the GVH website:

2. Sponsor a Bicycle $100 each tax deductible! The Tractor was given its name because of its remote location requiring a tractor ride or a long muddy walk just to get to the school. If we can work on improving the road and providing the children with bikes, it will make an incredible difference. Click on the donate button via the GVH website:

3. Write letters or cards for the Tractor School Kids! We’d love to include your messages in the School Packs and the kids just love getting the cards. Please send us a message for where to send these. We leave early November so will need to receive all cards and letters by then.

4. Share our Houses4Cambodia posts with family and friends! Houses4Cambodia is a community of passionate GVH supporters with a mission to generate awareness of their incredible work. Please help us create awareness about the simple ways people can get involved to makes a huge difference to the life of children with next to nothing.

A little bit of kindness goes a long way!

Thank you again for your ongoing support and enthusiasm for our projects and we look forward to sharing more updates soon!

Orkun (thank you),

The team at Houses4Cambodia

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