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The Tractor School is finished!

Dear Supporters,

As we come to the end of construction, it the a NEW beginning for the many children who can now receive an education thanks to Global Village Housing (GVH), it's Sponsors and many supporters!

WE DID IT with your incredible support! THANK YOU for helping us achieve this incredible milestone. These children are so deserving of the opportunity and joy of learning. We wish all the teachers and students of the Tractor School the very best and look forward to visiting them in the coming months.

Global Village Housing team worked hard to make this happen - thank you Monk Chunn, Chou and all the crew and builders on the ground; the Super Ladies at Houses4Cambodia - Elisha Rose, Alison Campbell and Emma Allen; along with all the other sponsors from Australia, Vietnam, China and our major sponsor in the UK Changing Lives In Cambodia who collaborated and worked hard to make this all a reality. It’s still very surreal to think of how much change a school will bring for this little remote village.

In the meantime, the number of enrolled students is growing. We will need to equip new students with School bags, shoes, uniforms, hats and learning resources. If you'd like to help by Sponsoring a $30 School Pack visit and give these kids the best start to their new life of learning.

Best wishes and THANKS again!

The teams at Houses4Cambodia and Global Village Housing

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