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The School Project

If you travel 3-hours west of Siem Reap in northern Cambodia, you will encounter rural Cambodian life and the beautiful people of Battambang. Many children and families experience extreme hardship in this region so Global Village Housing (GVH) has recently built and gifted homes to provide safety and security to individual families. To break the cycle of poverty they saw a need to help the village build a school and to equip it with resources so local children can thrive.

My name is Emma and along with my friends Pat, Dannielle, Alison and Elisha, we are about to embark on a journey that will take us from the comforts of our homes in Sydney, to some of the poorest villages of Cambodia. We have been brought together by our determination to “take action” and to give these kids what all children deserve, the opportunity to learn and thrive.

The School Project, just like the homes we have gifted to GVH in the past, will see every dollar poured into the construction, fit out and delivery of this school. All volunteers are self-funded which means that every dollar we raise directly impacts this community.

Over the coming weeks we will share with you the various ways in which you can support The School Project. We have a GVH Dinner on Friday 12th May, there are School Packs to clothe each child, you may want to collaborate with your friends or work colleagues to fund a well, a toilet block or a playground. There’s just so much to do and we need to do this by June to deliver the school in July 2017.

We know we can do it, but we will need your support. LIKE our page and we’ll keep you posted on how we as a community can make an incredible impact via The School Project.

Till next time!

Emma, Houses4Cambodia

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