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The School Project comes to life...

Dear Supporters,

Jason (GVH Founder) and Dunny Darrell have arrived at the Battambang School.

We are very excited to share photos with you via our posts. You will see how simple the school is and it’s dusty dirt floor. Then as trucks arrive with sand, gravel and cement we will start to see transformation of the grounds this week.

To see new books, balls and even a globe arrive at the school gives us the realisation that this is really all happening.

There are photos of what kids have been using for school bags, including one girl with just a purple plastic bag. Sam Townend (GVH Operations Manager) has been sourcing new bags from local stores in Battambang. We love to support the local economy, we just hope they can accommodate the 100 we have ordered. In the next week, teachers will need to identify uniform sizes for each child so these too can be ordered.

Chhun, the monk has kept a close eye on progress involving the students as well as local community members in the school project. He’s absolutely integral to delivering this change in a culturally sensitive way. He’s also hoot with his comments and photography, thank you Chhun for sharing.

The School Project has begun!

We will keep you updated as this incredible project comes to life.

Best wishes,

The Team at Houses4Cambodia & Global Village Housing

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