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We have arrived in Battambang!

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Dear Supporters,

We have arrived in Battambang, Cambodia! It’s been an incredibly busy start to the week and a very humbling experience to say the least.

The Global Village Housing team of Sam and Monk Chhun have demonstrated why a culturally sensitive and eco-friendly approach works best. They are embraced by the community and village chiefs. So much so that there’s just not enough to house all the families that desperately need our help.

The families that have received GVH houses include the Sewing Sisters who helped pack the items in the School Packs that many of you so generously donated. It also gave us a chance to play with the local village kids who were very intrigued by us. The Cambodian people are simply beautiful.

With a bus packed and stacked with 200 bags and uniforms we made our way to Battambang School. It was overwhelming to visit the school, to see the children and how much they loved their playground, and to meet the teachers and parents. The facilities are looking great, there’s still work to do but whilst we are here we will distribute a lot of the resources we have brought for the teachers and the students.

Tomorrow we will collect a mountain of shoes from the store and we will be fitting each child with their School Pack that includes – uniform, shoes, bag, school resources like book, pens and pencils. Each pack will also include a beautiful handmade card by the kids who attended the Working Bee. Thank you children for sharing your love and kind thoughts.

We look forward to sending you the next update as The School Project continues to transform this school.

Best wishes from Cambodia,

Sam, Elisha, Alison, Pat and Emma

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