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What will the funds be spent on in Battambang?

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

I woke up this morning having dreamed of being in Battambang and seeing the newly built school for the first time. Imagine solid walls, a roof to keep kids cool and protected from the elements, a proper slab that you can rightly call a floor and windows, real glass windows.

It makes me excited to think of this prospect, so I can only imagine how the Battambang children will feel when they first walk into their new classrooms this July. They won’t be able to contain their excitement when they put on their school shoes, probably the first ‘new’ shoes they’ve ever been given in their lives. They will put on a uniform that is crisp from the packet and like most little kids, they’ll proudly wear a school bag that will be way too big for them. 📷:-)

Global Village Housing (GVH) will make this all a reality by directly using the funds raised by the Houses4Cambodia team to provide:

# Repair walls and lay a concrete slab for a floor - goodbye dust and dirt # A new roof with cladding, insulation options, ventilators, maybe a skylight # Guttering and rainwater tanks # Classroom fit-out and furniture # A playground with swings, slides and monkey bars # A water well and pump for clean drinking water # New toilets # Tree planting # Learning resources books, pens and storage locker

GVH takes a sustainable approach to the homes and schools that it builds and gifts which is only made possible in collaboration with local village leaders, monks, the Cambodian community and the parents of these children. That way, any change is delivered with the utmost respect of the local people, culture and eco-system.

Along with paid workers, “some of the local mums dads in the area who might like to join in assisting us all in this renovation as it keeps that village connection and community spirit.” said GVH founder Jason Thatcher.

Now it’s up to our community here in Australia to raise the funds to purchase all of these materials. It might sound like a lot but we’re looking at a target A$25,000. The primary fundraising activity is the upcoming “GVH Fundraising Dinner” which will be a great night at Ottimo House, Five Dock NSW.

TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW! Get a group of friends together or come as an individual for a delicious 3-course dinner with unlimited wine, beer and soft drinks, music and entertainment and a big dose of community spirit.

Hope to see you soon!

Emma Allen


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